myCaddie Range Finder for iPhone 3G

Why pay $300 for a GPS Range Finder when you already have an iPhone? myCaddie gives you accurate yardage readings from anywhere on the course - without spending lots of money. But myCaddie is more than that - you get yardages not only to the green, but to different landmarks on the course - to sand traps, over water hazards and more.

Easily Create Live Yardage Books - for Free!

You can also use myCaddie to create your own unique map of each hole on the golf course. For example, you can easily mark ideal layup positions and tee shots, important bunkers, carries over trouble - in only a few minutes. And you can use or improve upon maps already created by iMakePars and other myCaddie golfers.

How it Works

myCaddie uses the GPS feature provided in iPhone 3G to determine your current location on the golf course. To calculate yardage, myCaddie then compares this location to locations specified in the map for that course.

Course Mapper

Creating a Course Map

You can create a golf course map right at your desk in minutes using the Course Mapper. Course Mapper uses Google Maps in your web browser to identify the location of the golf course as well as key landmarks on it. Google Maps provides satellite images of the Earth, and enables you to zoom in and out to get different levels of detail at a given location. Once you've identified the location of your course, you identify landmarks on each hole - such as the tee and middle of the green - by dragging "pins" to those points. No experience required - much easier than alternatives - you can create a course map within 15 minutes!

Getting Started

To get started using myCaddie, register with, download myCaddie from the iPhone App Store, and enter your registered email and password settings on the iPhone. myCaddie is very simple to use - that's it!